Senior executive pastor @ bethany baptist church | puyallup, WA

“Whenever I find myself in a stuck in leadership or creatively, Paul is always the first call I make, and I have never ended one of those conversations without a new-found enthusiasm.  Paul is an incredibly gifted creative that knows how to convert that creativity into results and help others learn to do the same.  I think he finds it easy to meet people where they are and help them move forward because he has worked with churches of so many sizes and cultures.  I’ve seen Paul transform creative teams while helping create a culture people want to be a part of.  He loves God and has a desire for every church, every team, and every person to best live out the gifting God has given to them.”


ben and noelle kilgore
worship pastors @ Cornerstone TUlsa, artists(the creak music, integrity) | Tulsa, ok

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ANDY cherry
Worship Pastor @ Bayview Glen Church, Recording Artist | Toronto, ON

“I believe one of the best ways to evaluate a leader is by paying attention to the ways in which they gain and retain their influence. Paul has gained his influence by being a consistent and trustworthy friend, by being a steadying presence to his teams during times of extraordinary uncertainty, and by modelling what commitment to one’s community can and should look like. Paul has retained his influence by being an intentional and invested presence in the lives of those who he leads and serves alongside. Even more than any of those things, what I admire the most about Paul is his dedication to his wife, his children, and his friends. In my experience, leaders with the combination of Paul Yerrick’s grace and conviction are a rare commodity.”